Let’s talk YUM…

Are you feeling a bit peckish? Perhaps you’d just enjoy a colorful meal… might I suggest you try this French gem…

Ratatouille, not only is it fun to say, it might be one of the most colorful comfort foods out there in the great big somewhere. Plus, there’s a Disney movie that even features it briefly, and it looks delectable in cartoon form… must be good right?Let me know how you feel about it, because I certainly enjoy it.


and so it begins…

I realize one should be organized when starting a blog, I’ll be honest, I was organized for about five minutes and then just got too excited not to just jump right in. I’m thinking as I write this, that perhaps I should tell you a little about myself, incase you couldn’t be bothered with the ‘about’ page. No judgement here, it’s not an overly informative page I’ll have you know.

So lets start with me… I’m Rachael, I’m a graphic designer, although I haven’t really done much designing of late, and really am just a glorified barista working at a rather well known coffee establishment. I like coffee, so it’s got its perks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.36.08 PM

 I have a dog named Mad Martigan, named after Val Kilmer’s character in the wonderfully whimsy film Willow. I’ll probably talk about Mad Martigan, aka Marti, far more often than I should, but he has the sweetest most adorable disposition and I can’t help but boast about his cuteness and take pictures of him that must be shared with the world. You can check out more pictures of him here…rachybb

I enjoy to write and ramble on a bit, so, expect for me to get carried away on some topic or another, but there will be crafts, designs, photographs, recipes and more to be enjoyed on Gnomaste. I’ll do my best to post weekly if not more with fun bits and bobs and what have you. It’s all very exciting I assure you. I read a how to about blogging, and it confirmed my suspicions; the blogoshere is an exciting place, all the cool kids are doing it.

Which brings it back to me, all about me… I’m a bit of a nerd.

There, I said it, you all know now.