So, yeah, I made a Stamp!

So, I found this little stamp kit the other day and thought, what the hey, lets use it, could be fun, and it was.

CarveastampkitInside the kit are a few necessities, and a few, ‘eh, yeah, I’ll never use this’. Mainly the “stamp templates”. I found them complete rubbish, and convinced myself quickly that I could a. draw something better and b. find a better image to use for my stamp, something that was perhaps, dare I say, relevant to my possible stamping needs.



And so, I got all the goods out and found the stamp image I wanted to use and then went to town doing the things I needed to do.


Things you might want to do…

1. You select what you want on your stamp, I chose my graphic design logo, it’s simplistic and far from complicated.

2.transfer the logo over by drawing it on the transfer paper and then rubbing it onto the stamps surface, and carve, carve till you can’t carve no more.

3. find something to stamp, get your ink pads out and do what stamps do best…

4. STAMP.StampstepsTwas a pretty fun DIY, barely took me any time at all, and I now feel the need to stamp everything, so, overall I’d say the kit was a success.

~Till next time, caio!