So ho ho ho….

I’m back, who knew it’d be quite so soon, certainly not I. Yesterday I was home and I didn’t have much to do; well I did, but I didn’t want to do it; so, I got my new wacom tablet out (Okay, it’s not new, I just haven’t really used it because it’s small and sorta frustrates me a bit) and decided I really need to master the shit out of it, because, you know, practice makes perfect. And this, dear friends, is the aftermath of my endeavors. Obviously we have a ways to go before master status is achieved.

happy christmas-01

Sadly, making these christmassy card things has not relieved me of my grinchiness, but I think there might be hope for me yet this year.

I know this is a rather crude execution of design, but, you know, one step closer to making my inferior wacom tablet my bitch. I should have been using the damn thing long ago, but YOLO. Maybe you’ll find some enjoyment from this childlike rendering of christmas ornament puke.

Tootle Pip till next time.


Hello December!

Wow, I’ve been silent for a bit too long. But I happen to have found a moment of free time and a small spark of creativity I was able to kindle into a wee project. So, since Christmas is fast approaching with jingling of bells and howling of carols and scrooges and grinches abounding, I took it upon myself to find a little christmas spirit and decorate a little tree, string up some lights and pretend that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, although, if we are being honest, and I do hope we are, I’m quite done with this year and eagerly awaiting it’s disappearance into the void of time. Perhaps the grinches and scrooges around me have rubbed off their bah humbuggery, or perhaps I’m just becoming a massive grinch this year… maybe christmas day will see my heart growing and some twinkle of joy in my eyes… I know my belly will be shaking like a bowl full of jelly after indulging my feelings with all the yummy things I know I shouldn’t be baking and then shoving in my face. But, happens every year doesn’t it, so, here’s to tradition.

Anyways… getting back to christmas; after decorating a tree and basking in the colorful lights and charlie brown-ness of aforementioned little tree, I felt like making something on the old computer.  Something colorful, cheery and a bit Christmassy. So, here you go…


If you like it… then, !!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! and you’re welcome.

If you hate it… well, bah humbug to you and yours.

But honestly, I do hope you all find joy and cheer this holiday season, and a little bit of magic too, just for good measure.

Hopefully I’ll post later this month and be so stuffed with holiday joy I’ll put that old Ebenezer to shame. Only time will tell. Till then… Happy Christmas, and have a merry little old New Years.