So ho ho ho….

I’m back, who knew it’d be quite so soon, certainly not I. Yesterday I was home and I didn’t have much to do; well I did, but I didn’t want to do it; so, I got my new wacom tablet out (Okay, it’s not new, I just haven’t really used it because it’s small and sorta frustrates me a bit) and decided I really need to master the shit out of it, because, you know, practice makes perfect. And this, dear friends, is the aftermath of my endeavors. Obviously we have a ways to go before master status is achieved.

happy christmas-01

Sadly, making these christmassy card things has not relieved me of my grinchiness, but I think there might be hope for me yet this year.

I know this is a rather crude execution of design, but, you know, one step closer to making my inferior wacom tablet my bitch. I should have been using the damn thing long ago, but YOLO. Maybe you’ll find some enjoyment from this childlike rendering of christmas ornament puke.

Tootle Pip till next time.


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