This Succs…

Ha! I was trying to make a punny, but it’s pretty crap. This doesn’t suck, well at least I don’t think it does… I actually rather like them, and certainly enjoyed illustrating them.


I’m a bit obsessed with succulents and cacti and crystals lately, but I mean, who isn’t? It’s like super trendy at the moment, and of all the trends out there, I like this one, and am hopping right on it’s band wagon.


I might have to make like 7 million more of these little illustrations cause I enjoyed it immensely. I used watercolor and a colored pencil to sketch and outline, oh, and a white gel pen…


Moth Inspired

Was browsing through Pinterest, as you do, and came across a fun illustration by Amyisla McCombie, I pinned it, forgot I pinned it; then sat down today, weeks later and decided to do a ten minute drawing challenge. Guess what I ended up drawing… moths and butterflies, cause it’s spring and I was thinking how colorful it could be. When I finished, I thought to myself, this looks awfully familiar, and realized it’s because of that forgotten pin. So, they were inspired, unbeknownst to me at the moment of drawing, by Amyisla. It was a fun little 10 minute challenge though, I recommend them.


I used Copic markers and colored pencils, and pre-selected all the colors I thought I might want to use so I wouldn’t be faffing around on my 10 minute challenge.

Also, here’s a link to Amyisla’s Tumbler, you can see all her other illustrations and enjoy and be inspired. Here’s a link to my Pinterest Illustration board, where I pinned her lovely moths illustration and so many things I find inspirational.

Monday… Already

Whelp, it’s Monday already…

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know what happened to time last week, it seems to have sped up and brought us back to this day… an ugh of a Monday.

If it weren’t for my dog, and a cup of coffee, I honestly wouldn’t have made it out of the house. All I wanted to do was stay in bed, I was comfortable there, I was happy, I was slumbering beautifully and having the best of dreams, and the cursed alarm clock went off at 6am and I wanted to break it into a million pieces and roll over and go back to that nice happy place I was in before I was so rudely taken away.


The fluff pup was glad to walk around in the cold, and I was resigned to my fate. I do largely prefer walking him to sitting at a desk at work, so, I shan’t complain about dog walks, just the time of their occurrence some days makes my heart weep.

Happy Monday all, how’s yours going? Is it as ugh as mine?

Lady of Spring

Did a little drawing the other night whilst watching Outlander on Starz. I was inspired by the costume design, and the thought of spring. It was snowing and blustery out, so, not exactly spring here in the Rockies, but it’s coming and a girl can dream.

This one is a bit sketchy and certainly not refined, but that’s probably a bit of how my style just is. I used Winsor & Newton Brushmarkers and inked with a Pilot fine liner. I really like the Pilot fine liner, A LOT!


I liked how it turned out, I enjoyed the process of making it; but I thought this morning, maybe I’d try doing it a different way…

So, I drew it up again and used my Daniel Smith Watercolors, and Winsor & Newton ink in Brick red. At first I started lining with a fine paintbrush, but I was making too thick of lines and just riding the struggle bus. So I hopped off and switched to a dip pen using a G nib and it all went much smoother. The end result is a mix of line weights that was unintentional, but, I just go with the flow and imperfections that happen in all things I do. It’s not as clean as I had envisioned it, but, I still like how it turned out. Just another reminder that I need to practice on a few things, and that’s to be expected.

But, without further ado… here’s the remixed version of The Lady of Spring.


What have you been up to on your Sunday? I have been working on this and dreaming of spring mostly. I’m going to go make myself a spot of tea and sit on the couch and stare at the idiot box now, see if something good is on. I’ll be back tomorrow with That Monday Feeling.

My first Blythe Customization.

So I did it, I got a factory Blythe and customized her. Got her Thursday evening, customized her on Friday… Here she is before the face up. blythebefore1.jpg

Now, I should have spent more time and been more prepared for the customization job if we are being perfectly honest, but I was too excited. I spent at most 3 hours, and should have probably given myself more time. Also, I didn’t have the appropriate tools for the face up. I ended up using clay carving tools to try and reshape the nose and mouth and it didn’t carve like butter at all, but it will do. I couldn’t find my pastels either, and didn’t want to wait for them to reappear, so I made do with just watercolor pencils.


The lips are a bit messy (don’t look at them too closely perhaps) and I think when I go to change the eye chips I’ll re-sand and try again. But, for now, here’s Olive.


She has some clothes and shoes coming in later this month (squeeeeeeeeee) and I’ll get her eye chips changed out and fix her hair a bit and I’ll post an update so we can see how she looks in her new duds! I’m excited, because I’m a big kid.


She’s my first Blythe, and I don’t think she’s too shabby at all, and maybe I’ll get another and do it all over again.