March 2016 Favorites


So, I’ve been watching some Youtube, you know, as you do, and I quite enjoy watching peoples favorites of the month. So I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and join in. So drum roll please…. here are my march favorites…


  1. This thing is like a decorative cup thinga-majig (just sound that one out, I made up the spelling cause I do what I want.) my Aunt gifted to me from Target. I have no idea what it’s true purpose is… but to me, it looks like an egg cup for ostrich eggs. It sits near my desk and I just enjoy pondering it’s uses.
  2. I’ve had this little mug for a long time, I think I got it off of ModCloth, but don’t quote me on that. I’m more of a dog person then cat person, mostly because I’m super allergic to cats (although they all want to sit in my lap and have me pet them, and I of course can’t deny them that, little cute fluff monsters). Any ways, I love this little cup, it’s quite small and dainty and just makes me happy to sip coffee or tea out of.
  3. This Pencil case I got off of Mochi Things, and it’s honestly just one of my all time favorite little bags, that Hello Yaha is sassy and I like it. It’s a relatively large bag, I use it as a pencil case; or rather a bag to carry my travel watercolor palette, brushes, pens, pencils… let’s just say art stuff, I use it to carry around my art stuff.
  4. The Molotow liquid masking pen is awesome, I know some people aren’t fans, but I think it’s cause it doesn’t work on all paper and if you don’t know that it can ruin things, or at least annoy you. In particular it’s not great on toothy watercolor papers. It’s best on smooth paper surfaces, and you don’t want to put too thick of a layer of it down. I use it in my Hobonichi and on smooth watercolor paper, such as the Hot pressed Canson Moulin du Roy paper. It works great on marker paper as well, again, smoother surfaces.
  5. Last but not least is this cell phone case I got off of Amazon, I like that it’s clear but has a little cute and whimsy. It’s not a super hard core case by any means, but I’ve dropped my phone and it’s protected it, so, it works for me. I don’t like bulky cases, sort of defeats the point of making phones slimmer if you then bulk it up with a case, but to each his/her own.

What were your favorites this month?

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