Finding Blythe

So, I had never heard of a Blythe Doll until Tuesday, and then I saw an Instagram post with one in it. They are kinda creepy, like Chucky doll creepy, but then I saw all these custom ones and I became intrigued.

I now really want to do a face up of my own (that’s apparently what it’s called when you sand away the shine and carve the mouth and nose to make it look more cute and realistic. Even can add some freckles and such). I got a Petite Blythe coming in the mail next week, and although I understand it is much much smaller then the Blythe’s used in the custom jobs I’ve been seeing on the interweb, I’m going to try and customize it… because it sounds fun and crafty. And I must say, I’m excited. If all goes well, I might just get a regular sized one and bore you all with that face up as well.


Drew a doodle of one on a scrap piece of marker paper, I quite enjoyed the doodle time.

Do any of you out there customize Blythes? What do you think of their creepy coolness?

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