Moth Inspired

Was browsing through Pinterest, as you do, and came across a fun illustration by Amyisla McCombie, I pinned it, forgot I pinned it; then sat down today, weeks later and decided to do a ten minute drawing challenge. Guess what I ended up drawing… moths and butterflies, cause it’s spring and I was thinking how colorful it could be. When I finished, I thought to myself, this looks awfully familiar, and realized it’s because of that forgotten pin. So, they were inspired, unbeknownst to me at the moment of drawing, by Amyisla. It was a fun little 10 minute challenge though, I recommend them.


I used Copic markers and colored pencils, and pre-selected all the colors I thought I might want to use so I wouldn’t be faffing around on my 10 minute challenge.

Also, here’s a link to Amyisla’s Tumbler, you can see all her other illustrations and enjoy and be inspired. Here’s a link to my Pinterest Illustration board, where I pinned her lovely moths illustration and so many things I find inspirational.

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