Shakespear in NYC

Alright all you lovely folks… here is a drawing I did of the Shakespeare statue at the Literary Mall of Central Park. I loved Central Park, it’s much much better in Spring, apposed to the brief moments I saw it in January, so try to see it when things are green and blooming. I’m from Colorado and live in the mountains, so for me, it was nice to be surrounded by trees and green instead of buildings and people (buildings are cool, don’t get me wrong, but I’m most at home in nature, even heavily curated nature). If you make it to NYC, I think it’s well worth spending the day walking around Central Park, but to each his/her own.


I used Copic Markers, and my Pilot G-TEC-C4 pen and Kuretake Fude Brush Pen for the line work. I kept it very scribbly and sketchy, cause that’s just what I seem to do. I find, if I think too much and go too slowly with the line work I don’t like the end result, looks forced and ugh. Overall I like how this turned out, there’s always room for improvement, but, it will do nicely as one of my first “Urban Sketches” of NYC.

Monday Day Dreaming

First off, Happy Memorial Day. Most people I know have the day off to spend with family, to eat and enjoy each others company, and most importantly, to remember those who gave their lives so we all can go do the things we do everyday and not think twice about how this world could be much different, good and bad different.

I don’t have the day off, not until it’s quitting time, because, bills. And, as luck would have it; it is a BEAUTIFUL day today! The sun is out, it’s not too hot, the trees are green, flowers are a blooming, and a gentle breeze is rustling through the leaves… and I’m inside, for a bit longer still. So, I’ve been sitting at my desk dreaming of fields of flowers to walk through, and sunny afternoons in the warm embrace of nature. Soon I tell myself, soon.


The face I drew is not so good, I’ll admit it, it could be better. But, I like how my thought bubble of flowers turned out, I surely do.

May Favorites 

So…. Been a while. (My computer is acting up so I’ve had to create this post on my phone… Fingers crossed folks!) As I posted before I was in NYC for a fast and furious little trip. I’ll post more things on that later. For today I’ve compiled my May Favorites. 

1. A butterfly pencil pouch… I know, I already favorited a pencil pouch not so long ago… Well ladies and gents, I have way more then one and I like to switch them out. This one is great for traveling, it makes me remember I don’t need ALL the things. It also has a dog on it! (In case you were unable to tell from my drawing, that’s a dogs face, a frenchie to be precise). Got it off of and they sell exactly what it sounds like… Other stationary items too.  

2. Looks like a pencil, but ah ha! It’s a pen! Got it in NYC at the Met gift shop. Sadly I didn’t get to go into The Met, nor any museum (gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh : ( just can’t have everything.) but I did stop and buy a silly pen pencil at the gift shop and I LOVE IT! My favorite thing I bought in NYC, besides some super yum meals. What can I say, I’m pretty easy to please. 

3. A pleather backpack. It’s not the worlds greatest backpack I’ll be honest, it’s not real leather so in another week or so I suspect it will start to fall apart, but that’s what $30 on Amazon buys sometimes. That not so minor detail aside, I love this backpack because it reminds me of the one Meg Ryan has in the movie French Kiss (what you haven’t seen it??!!! I’m outraged! Go watch now!) It was handy and “fashionable” and I could stuff it under my airplane seat easy peasy. I’m planning on wearing the snot out of it. 

4. My birthday cake!!!!! What’s not to love? It was ice cream cake and for maybe the first time ever someone had them put my name on it and make it look fancy (well, as fancy as an ice cream cake can look). No offense to the other lovely kind and generous gifts I was given, but that cake made me feel very special indeed, and all it took was someone spelling my name correctly on it really… Again, easy to please I guess. 

5. Lastly, my plane tickets to NYC, I know I just said the cake was the best present, but actually it was probably these suckers; it’s really quite hard to decide. I got to go to NYC in January for a work thing and I only got one day to explore, I walked from Midtown to the Brooklyn Bridge and back (no subways, no taxis, just foot to pavement) and saw lots of things… But as some of you might know, there is soooooooo much to see. So, my mom let me go back as a birthday present! I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted or see all the things I had missed that one day, or go into any museums; which makes my heart a bit sad, I do love museum. But it was fun, and as I said earlier, more will be shared about my fast and furious travels in NYC, so stay tuned if you care to. Even though the mini trip wasn’t ALL ABOUT ME… I got to go, I got to see, and I am grateful. 
So that’s it folks, my May favorites. What did you love this month? Anyone else celebrate a birthday? Let me know, if you’re feeling chatty enough to comment. Till next time! 


I’m in New York City today… Being a big old tourist, riding around on a double decker wearing a plastic bag to shield off the rain. 

Riding around on a bus seeing all the buildings is super awesome. I say it’s a nice way to see as many things as possible. 
Took all these with my phone… So, forgive the quality. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll sketch some things and share it with you. 

Otterly Obsessed

So, I’ve been in love with Otters for a very long time, pretty sure they’re my spirit animal. But, then I started drawing them and, I sorta filled a few pages in the old sketchbook with drawings of them… OBSESSED. I won’t bore you with all the sketches, but two are below, as well as some pictures I took a few years back of a super cute little Otter man.

First the cute picture that inspired many a sketchbook doodle




Isn’t he just SQUEEEEEEEE cute. Pretty sure he was totally yucking it up for me, such a ham.


This next one was a very quick sketch, and, it’s not my favorite, but I do like the colors and think it would serve well as a thumbnail sketch for a future, time actually spent on it. watercolor piece. So, that coming soon…