A Special Monday

I’m having a special day, as in, I am extremely clumsy and just super special in all things I do… I saw this meme once with a llama and it speaks to who I am today… so that’s what i drew up for this weeks Monday Feeling. Maybe it’s because I havent had any coffee… maybe I was too lazy this weekend and so my brain thinks it’s okay to stop functioning… I don’t know, but, this is me today…


I used some supplies I got in my May Sketchbox: Montana acrylic markers in white and black and a Dewert Graphik Line Painter. Then spiced things up with what I already had on hand, two Copics in warm grey and neutral grey, and my purple Col-Erase pencil. I like the Montana Acrylic markers actually, didn’t think I would, but they’ve been fun to use in the old sketchbook.

Anyways, from this mess of a person, to you. I hope you’re having a real special day, and not the stumbling, struggle, brain fart that is my special Monday.


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