Monday Day Dreaming

First off, Happy Memorial Day. Most people I know have the day off to spend with family, to eat and enjoy each others company, and most importantly, to remember those who gave their lives so we all can go do the things we do everyday and not think twice about how this world could be much different, good and bad different.

I don’t have the day off, not until it’s quitting time, because, bills. And, as luck would have it; it is a BEAUTIFUL day today! The sun is out, it’s not too hot, the trees are green, flowers are a blooming, and a gentle breeze is rustling through the leaves… and I’m inside, for a bit longer still. So, I’ve been sitting at my desk dreaming of fields of flowers to walk through, and sunny afternoons in the warm embrace of nature. Soon I tell myself, soon.


The face I drew is not so good, I’ll admit it, it could be better. But, I like how my thought bubble of flowers turned out, I surely do.

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