3 Marker Challenge

So, I decided to do that thing I’ve seen lots of on the old YouTube… The THREE MARKER CHALLENGE!

I promise that I drew the picture first, and the markers I picked were thrown into a bag and chosen with my eyes closed. If you can’t believe that, then, okay, but it’s the truth. The picture I drew is not complex, but I thought it’d be good with whatever I might pick as colors, plus I LOVE coffee and drawing coffee cups, so this was a win win for me. Bit cheaty I suppose since it is such a simple piece, but there’s nothing wrong with simplicity.


Let’s all be honest, I totally lucked out with the colors, what a BEAUTIFUL color scheme! They are all pretty and they all work together and YAAASSSSSS! The colors I chose are…


I’m now going to want to use these three colors in everything!  I also want to do more random color choosing, I love the idea of discovering some more (hopefully) beautiful color combos.


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