I’m (maybe) back… YAY!

It’s been another huge gap between posts, bad blogger Rachael, bad bad. It’s been an interesting few months, and I need to figure out a new plan for my posts (work and life too.) because clearly my ideas and thoughts on how I should blog, isn’t happening and isn’t keeping me motivated enough to just power through and do it despite having a day job and ugh, things to do besides create and sit in my pj’s doodling.

Soooooo, after watching a YouTube video by Frannerd (she’s just all sorts of awesome, so, here’s a link to her channel….). I’ve decided to take inspiration from her and post somewhat daily re-caps of the day (I might miss a few days, let’s be honest, it’s the busy time of year at my day job). Just some highlights and such, they might be really boring and silly and of no interest, but the idea and point for me, is to actually post and actually draw daily. Not just get home and think, I should draw and post sometime soon when I feel like I have an idea or something.

This is a plan of action and it’s starting today, September 1st 2016, on a new moon eclipse, because it’s a new beginning, or so I’m telling myself. So lets do this SHIT!

DAY 1: I’m currently at work, on my “lunch” break, and I know that sitting at home there’s a package of new Copic markers for me to play with. And I want so badly to swatch the new colors and play with them!!! But I have to wait till late tonight before I even get to see them… the AGONY!!!!! So, here’s what I imagine I’ll look like when I finally get them in my hot little hands…


Tomorrow maybe I’ll post a doodle of my day utilizing these new markers of mine… OH the prospects!

Till tomorrow! (Or so I say, and then 3 years later I post again… maybe.)

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