a coffee run in the rain

I got lot’s to do today. Day job work sentence, babysitting puppies time, and cleaning house duties; you know… lots and lots of fun (ugh). Now, don’t get me wrong… puppy sitting is mostly fun, but still lots of shit. So, I thought if I was ever going to post something today and not three years hence; I best be doing it now.

Day 2. September 2nd 2016:

So, I made a coffee run this morning, cause, duh, coffee and mornings go best together. And it’s a rainy type of day, fall has certainly arrived early this year up in the Colorado Rockies. But, to the point… I drew what I might have looked like to the raindrops falling on my head as I bustled down the rain strewn brick streets of a somewhat bustling city with a coffee cup clutched in my hand.

coffee in the rain

It was a good exercise in perspective anyways, plus, I totally used the new Copic colors I got! New art supplies are just such a squeeeeeeeee good feeling thing.

Dare I say: “See you tomorrow!” EEEEK!!!!  I might just make a habit of this.

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