Allergy Shot Feels

Had my first allergy shot today, cause, I’m allergic to pretty much everything that grows in the state of Colorado. Allergies, it’s been fun and all for the last 20 years, but I’m saying good bye,  it’s not you, it’s me… who am I kidding, it’s you allergies, it’s all you!

Anyways, rant aside, went in for my first shot and the doctor tells you all the symptoms that are highly unlikely but could maybe happen. Well, yeah, as soon as I was told all the things, I was acutely aware of every sniffle, every itch, and how weird swallowing is (just in general, it’s kinda a weird thing, like most things about how we work). I was too aware, thinking toooooooooo much, as I do.

I didn’t have a reaction by the way, totally fine, at least for now. I just had to talk myself down a few times, because, yeah, one itch and I was certain I was the 1% that has a reaction.



I mean talk about a sense of doom, I have that feeling sometimes without it having to be a reaction to a shot. Anyone else out there have allergies, taken allergy shots, are just slightly crazy in the head like me? Let me know people, let me know; we can commiserate together.

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