Cozy Ghosties Clip Art is on Etsy!!

Yay! I did it, like I said I would! My Cozy Ghosties are now available as Clip Art on Etsy!!! Check it out RB Illustration Studio here’s a peak 🙂

Digital paper (aka Cozy Ghosties Vol. 2) will be added soon! I think those ghosties are stinking cute, and happy, and should be around allllllll year long. Thanks for sticking around and checking my blog out!

Creating Cozy Ghosties

So I decided to make some clip art and digital paper to sell on Etsy, haven’t quite completed all the elements, but here’s a sneak peak of some of the bits and bobs…

Cozy Ghosties 🙂

Harry Potter week

Well, yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday, and also the end of Taryn Draws Potter week prompt 7 day drawing challenge. So, I thought I'd come on here and share all the drawings for the week. Some of them were rush jobs, some could have done with a background, but, over all I'm mostly happy with them. So, without further ado…
Day 1: best friends Day 2: "Must be a Weasley"Day 3: House Colors

Day 4: Misunderstood

Day 5: Flora & Fauna

Day 6: Parental figure

Day 7: "Yer a wizard, Harry"