Turkish Coffee Yum Yum

Didn’t have to get going early this morning so I made myself a little something something… some Turkish Coffee, which, if you’ve ever had it, you know is way better then regular coffee. The sludge in the bottom of my tiny cup is like a welcomed friend.

Turkish coffee is a must try if you are a fan of the bean… it’s aromatic and thick. Unlike most brew types, its unfiltered and the grounds are allowed to settle to the bottom of the cup. It’s brewed over a flame (or on the stove top) in a little copper pot and served in a dainty little cup.

Sitting down to enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee is a fancy feeling moment, and it should be done once every so often by one and all. One sip and it comes in with a punch and a bit of sweet, and holds your hand as you make your first steps into the day. It might be my favorite way to consume a coffee bean.