Cozy Ghosties Clip Art is on Etsy!!

Yay! I did it, like I said I would! My Cozy Ghosties are now available as Clip Art on Etsy!!! Check it out RB Illustration Studio here’s a peak 🙂

Digital paper (aka Cozy Ghosties Vol. 2) will be added soon! I think those ghosties are stinking cute, and happy, and should be around allllllll year long. Thanks for sticking around and checking my blog out!

Creating Cozy Ghosties

So I decided to make some clip art and digital paper to sell on Etsy, haven’t quite completed all the elements, but here’s a sneak peak of some of the bits and bobs…

Cozy Ghosties 🙂

Etsy shop time

So, I did it, I opened an Etsy shop and am selling things…  (well, only a few things at the moment) what!!!! yeah, that’s what I said, me, I… opened an Etsy shop and thought people might actually buy some art and illustrations and such. More listings will be added this month, so far only three.

So, if you want, check it out… RBillustrationStudio