Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Cake!!

This is an adaptation from The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Coffee Cake, Literally! (original recipe here.) I love this stuff, and it’s full of caffeine… YAY!!!!!!!


The original recipe includes a coffee icing. I’m not giddy over icing, never have been, probably never will be; and I find the cake quite sweet enough without. So I left it out, because really, it’s better this way in my humble opinion.

I made this photo-infographic quite a while ago whilst taking a photography class… so… excuse the layout, it’s before I had the foresight to actually think about the layout of the photograph in terms of the recipe… sometimes when you’re making things you get excited, the light is starting to fade outside, so you set everything out, make it look balanced as a photograph and totally blank on the fact that perhaps things should have been laid out a bit different to actually follow the recipe in a more coherent manner. Oh, how stupid one feels when something so obvious escapes the mental facilities all together. Ce la vie is all I can say.

I used to make this cake and then bring it into work. It always gave everyone a good caffeine jolt to start the day and some sweetness too, and everyone liked me just that bit more because I baked them treats from time to time. So, make this cake, eat it, share it with others, because its super yum. Food is love after all.

Let’s talk YUM…

Are you feeling a bit peckish? Perhaps you’d just enjoy a colorful meal… might I suggest you try this French gem…

Ratatouille, not only is it fun to say, it might be one of the most colorful comfort foods out there in the great big somewhere. Plus, there’s a Disney movie that even features it briefly, and it looks delectable in cartoon form… must be good right?Let me know how you feel about it, because I certainly enjoy it.