Laboring on Labor Day

Packing boxes, stuffing pillows…. kill me please.

I was in a rush to draw something up today, and get it posted; so, apologies on the quality. I also only had a handful of colors to play with.

Anyways, HAPPY LABOR DAY to all you folks out there getting to celebrate the day by camping, and spending time with loved ones and generally just taking the day off. I’m celebrating by working apparently…  but I know I’m not alone, I’m surrounded by boxes and pillows and plenty of things to do.


Till tomorrow… dun dun duuuuuuuun!

Happy 4th

So, I disappeared for awhile… Allergies to things that grow really stinks. But, because I have the day off today because I’m ‘merican and will be celebrating. I finally got my act together long enough to draw something… It’s not exceptional or exciting, but it’s a good start after being absent for a few weeks. 

Hope the folks celebrating today have fun with friends and family. 

Till Thursday (posting my June favorites I think) see ya later! 

Monday Day Dreaming

First off, Happy Memorial Day. Most people I know have the day off to spend with family, to eat and enjoy each others company, and most importantly, to remember those who gave their lives so we all can go do the things we do everyday and not think twice about how this world could be much different, good and bad different.

I don’t have the day off, not until it’s quitting time, because, bills. And, as luck would have it; it is a BEAUTIFUL day today! The sun is out, it’s not too hot, the trees are green, flowers are a blooming, and a gentle breeze is rustling through the leaves… and I’m inside, for a bit longer still. So, I’ve been sitting at my desk dreaming of fields of flowers to walk through, and sunny afternoons in the warm embrace of nature. Soon I tell myself, soon.


The face I drew is not so good, I’ll admit it, it could be better. But, I like how my thought bubble of flowers turned out, I surely do.

But first, coffee

Happy belated Mother’s Day to the mother’s out there, hope you celebrated with nice time spent with your moms and such. My mom was actually in town, so I was able to spend it with her. A mother of a Migraine was in town too, sadly, and so my head was not supporting me in a joyous day. I had a post planned to get up but I couldn’t quite manage to function well enough to get it done and post it… sad day.

But, as for this Monday, howdy hey world. It hasn’t been bad, but all I really want is coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

My heads still a bit blah, so nothing exciting today, just some coffee cups…


I used the stuff in my May Sketchbox… woo hoo.


A Special Monday

I’m having a special day, as in, I am extremely clumsy and just super special in all things I do… I saw this meme once with a llama and it speaks to who I am today… so that’s what i drew up for this weeks Monday Feeling. Maybe it’s because I havent had any coffee… maybe I was too lazy this weekend and so my brain thinks it’s okay to stop functioning… I don’t know, but, this is me today…


I used some supplies I got in my May Sketchbox: Montana acrylic markers in white and black and a Dewert Graphik Line Painter. Then spiced things up with what I already had on hand, two Copics in warm grey and neutral grey, and my purple Col-Erase pencil. I like the Montana Acrylic markers actually, didn’t think I would, but they’ve been fun to use in the old sketchbook.

Anyways, from this mess of a person, to you. I hope you’re having a real special day, and not the stumbling, struggle, brain fart that is my special Monday.