My first Blythe Customization.

So I did it, I got a factory Blythe and customized her. Got her Thursday evening, customized her on Friday… Here she is before the face up. blythebefore1.jpg

Now, I should have spent more time and been more prepared for the customization job if we are being perfectly honest, but I was too excited. I spent at most 3 hours, and should have probably given myself more time. Also, I didn’t have the appropriate tools for the face up. I ended up using clay carving tools to try and reshape the nose and mouth and it didn’t carve like butter at all, but it will do. I couldn’t find my pastels either, and didn’t want to wait for them to reappear, so I made do with just watercolor pencils.


The lips are a bit messy (don’t look at them too closely perhaps) and I think when I go to change the eye chips I’ll re-sand and try again. But, for now, here’s Olive.


She has some clothes and shoes coming in later this month (squeeeeeeeeee) and I’ll get her eye chips changed out and fix her hair a bit and I’ll post an update so we can see how she looks in her new duds! I’m excited, because I’m a big kid.


She’s my first Blythe, and I don’t think she’s too shabby at all, and maybe I’ll get another and do it all over again.

So, yeah, I made a Stamp!

So, I found this little stamp kit the other day and thought, what the hey, lets use it, could be fun, and it was.

CarveastampkitInside the kit are a few necessities, and a few, ‘eh, yeah, I’ll never use this’. Mainly the “stamp templates”. I found them complete rubbish, and convinced myself quickly that I could a. draw something better and b. find a better image to use for my stamp, something that was perhaps, dare I say, relevant to my possible stamping needs.



And so, I got all the goods out and found the stamp image I wanted to use and then went to town doing the things I needed to do.


Things you might want to do…

1. You select what you want on your stamp, I chose my graphic design logo, it’s simplistic and far from complicated.

2.transfer the logo over by drawing it on the transfer paper and then rubbing it onto the stamps surface, and carve, carve till you can’t carve no more.

3. find something to stamp, get your ink pads out and do what stamps do best…

4. STAMP.StampstepsTwas a pretty fun DIY, barely took me any time at all, and I now feel the need to stamp everything, so, overall I’d say the kit was a success.

~Till next time, caio!



DIY Sketchbook Cover

This isn’t ground breaking nor earth shattering DIY, it doesn’t have to be for a sketchbook either, I’ve used these tools to create my own cover for my blog idea book, monthly budget tracker (cause I’m old school and like to write it down) and also, for my sketchbook. I don’t know about you, but I love stationary, office supplies and of course, art supplies so I love having journals and sketchbooks for any and everything I can find an excuse to use one. And personalizing them and just getting to be creative all over them makes my soul happy. So, here is my take on the tools one can use to design their own sketchbook cover.

Sketchbook DIY Tools


Obviously you can use whatever you’d like, but I am rather found of the look of watercolor and ink working together.


1. Take those watercolor pencils and go to town coloring on the cover of the journal/sketchbook. Really you can do what ever floats your boat, go crazy, be creative. I go darkest to lightest in shade, then blur them together by watering my paintbrush and smudging everything with it.



2. Take those gel pens and draw something, write something, quote something… whatever feels right for the sketchbook/journal’s purpose.

My Sketchbook


And there you have it, easy peasy. There’s something quite satisfying about creating your own cover for your journals, sketchbooks and more.


ONE MORE THOUGHT: Have some family recipes you need to write down? Why not make a journal for them, create a beautiful cover, give it a title and what not. You could even go as far as to draw pictures for each recipe on the inside. Oh, the possibilities, I just gave myself an idea of something to do in the future, because, why not right!