Shakespear in NYC

Alright all you lovely folks… here is a drawing I did of the Shakespeare statue at the Literary Mall of Central Park. I loved Central Park, it’s much much better in Spring, apposed to the brief moments I saw it in January, so try to see it when things are green and blooming. I’m from Colorado and live in the mountains, so for me, it was nice to be surrounded by trees and green instead of buildings and people (buildings are cool, don’t get me wrong, but I’m most at home in nature, even heavily curated nature). If you make it to NYC, I think it’s well worth spending the day walking around Central Park, but to each his/her own.


I used Copic Markers, and my Pilot G-TEC-C4 pen and Kuretake Fude Brush Pen for the line work. I kept it very scribbly and sketchy, cause that’s just what I seem to do. I find, if I think too much and go too slowly with the line work I don’t like the end result, looks forced and ugh. Overall I like how this turned out, there’s always room for improvement, but, it will do nicely as one of my first “Urban Sketches” of NYC.


I’m in New York City today… Being a big old tourist, riding around on a double decker wearing a plastic bag to shield off the rain. 

Riding around on a bus seeing all the buildings is super awesome. I say it’s a nice way to see as many things as possible. 
Took all these with my phone… So, forgive the quality. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll sketch some things and share it with you.