Bloody Mary

So, got some drink coasters, Rifle Paper Co Royal cocktail coasters to be exact and one is Bloody Mary… so I wanted to draw her. So, opened the sketchbook again and here it is… 

The Copic Cast:                                          E000, E93, R17, RV10, B37, Bv29, BG57 and Y28 

Used the Pilot G-Tec-C4 to line. 

Some sketchbook practices  

Howdy hey, sorry, been awhile…

But, I’ve done some sketchbooking and thought I’d share… all done today with Copic markers in my Midori Cotton notebook. 

First one was done while watching a Frannerd video… she’s amazing. 

This one is of a friend… sorta.

These ladies in glasses…

Some other fancy ladies… this set is my favorite. 

Gnomáste day 1

So I had this idea a long time ago, gnomes doing yoga… aka Gnomáste. Now I’m finally getting around to drawing more of them and I’m going to post 25 illustrations of a gnome in a yoga pose. Originally I thought it’d be super cute if it was a yoga clothing and accessory line… still do, so maybe one day. But here’s Day One: Downward Dog…

Gnome’s use their hats to assist in their poses and also do yoga as a way to catch a few sneaky zzzs.