Cozy Ghosties Clip Art is on Etsy!!

Yay! I did it, like I said I would! My Cozy Ghosties are now available as Clip Art on Etsy!!! Check it out RB Illustration Studio here’s a peak 🙂

Digital paper (aka Cozy Ghosties Vol. 2) will be added soon! I think those ghosties are stinking cute, and happy, and should be around allllllll year long. Thanks for sticking around and checking my blog out!

Harry Potter week

Well, yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday, and also the end of Taryn Draws Potter week prompt 7 day drawing challenge. So, I thought I'd come on here and share all the drawings for the week. Some of them were rush jobs, some could have done with a background, but, over all I'm mostly happy with them. So, without further ado…
Day 1: best friends Day 2: "Must be a Weasley"Day 3: House Colors

Day 4: Misunderstood

Day 5: Flora & Fauna

Day 6: Parental figure

Day 7: "Yer a wizard, Harry"

Exterior kick

I’m on an exterior drawing kick… or, I suppose you could call it an urban sketching kick, but, I don’t know… I didn’t really go out and find houses to draw, I went on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest. 

Anyways, I decided to work with a limited pallet and used my warm grey copics, as well as my Copics in slate, brick white and brick beige. The rest of the colors are some new Kurecolor markers I just got, which I’m really liking… not refillable and as nice to hold in the hand as a Copic, but pretty damn nice. Dull Blue, Mustard and Blood Red are my favorite colors to use right now. 

Well, without further ado, here’s three exteriors I done did draw, bet there will be more to come. 

Gnomáste day 1

So I had this idea a long time ago, gnomes doing yoga… aka Gnomáste. Now I’m finally getting around to drawing more of them and I’m going to post 25 illustrations of a gnome in a yoga pose. Originally I thought it’d be super cute if it was a yoga clothing and accessory line… still do, so maybe one day. But here’s Day One: Downward Dog…

Gnome’s use their hats to assist in their poses and also do yoga as a way to catch a few sneaky zzzs.