I’ve decided for Inktober I want to draw/ink nothing but Harry Potter goodness. So, the prompts are below, nothing fancy, just characters to doodle, draw and illustrate, because if you’re like me you could use to draw people and such more often. I’d love if others joined in, even if just for a few of the days. If you do, share your work on Instagram, #harrypotterforinktober! If you have questions or thoughts, I want to hear them… other then that, I hope someone else joins me for…






Marti Nap Time


This is my dog… his name is Mad Martigan, Marti for short, or Madigan if you’re my grandpa. He’s like Ferdinand the Bull (anyone out there read that when they were little? It was one of my favorites) he likes smelling flowers, and being chill, which, those are things I like too, so, we’re kinda like two pees in a pod, except he’s WAY cuter, and obviously furrier; we’re both a bit fluffy though.

He was taking a quick little snooze, and I just can’t pass up the chance to draw him, he’s my favorite. One day, there will be a book all about him, cause, seriously, SQUEEEEEE, the cutest! I don’t just say that cause he’s my fur-baby, I think if you asked just about anyone who has met him, and they’d agree.


Much Excite

So, it’s been a few days… but I am here briefly today to tell you: I got a new sketchbook, and the paper with Copic markers is just UGH… SOOOO GOOD. I came straight home from work and started color swatching. I ignored all the other important things I should have been doing, hence why it is almost 11pm and I’m just getting around to doing something with today’s post. So, here, because no post is complete without a picture of something…


speed doodles seem to be what I do lately. But soon, I’ll actually be spending some time on arts and crafts, and then you will be shocked, cause it might actually look a bit nice and artsy and all that good stuff.

Dare I say ’till tomorrow’? Oh, I dare, and only time will tell if I make an appearance.

That Kinda Day

I’m having a blue day today. Some days are just like that. Some days things just hurt. Today started off okay enough, just one little moment and I couldn’t escape the sadness. But, tomorrow’s a new day and all, so, yeah. I drew this up quickly, because this sums up how I feel about today, and it’s not great, but I think it’s good to remember, not every day is filled with happy moments and sadness is okay too.


I used only my pastel Copics, interesting choice for the mood I agree. I didn’t spend a bunch of time on this (as you can see from the horrifying hand I drew) I never seem to, I need to work on that. Less slap and dash is what I need to start aiming for.

See you tomorrow for more Monday feelings.

Allergy Shot Feels

Had my first allergy shot today, cause, I’m allergic to pretty much everything that grows in the state of Colorado. Allergies, it’s been fun and all for the last 20 years, but I’m saying good bye,  it’s not you, it’s me… who am I kidding, it’s you allergies, it’s all you!

Anyways, rant aside, went in for my first shot and the doctor tells you all the symptoms that are highly unlikely but could maybe happen. Well, yeah, as soon as I was told all the things, I was acutely aware of every sniffle, every itch, and how weird swallowing is (just in general, it’s kinda a weird thing, like most things about how we work). I was too aware, thinking toooooooooo much, as I do.

I didn’t have a reaction by the way, totally fine, at least for now. I just had to talk myself down a few times, because, yeah, one itch and I was certain I was the 1% that has a reaction.



I mean talk about a sense of doom, I have that feeling sometimes without it having to be a reaction to a shot. Anyone else out there have allergies, taken allergy shots, are just slightly crazy in the head like me? Let me know people, let me know; we can commiserate together.

How it feels

I have been wounded today, by a box. Stupid boxes, stupidly being everywhere and needing to be opened and taped shut and broken down and built. GAHHHHHH!!! The monsters! One of those cardboard demons attacked me early this morning, and I’m hopping I don’t succumb to a flesh eating virus.

Okay, so, I’m being a bit dramatic, but seriously, people have gotten flesh eating virus from things like paper cuts yeah??? Pretty sure I read it somewhere. Or, maybe, it’s another myth my brother told me when I was little, like the gremlins living in the toilet are going to steal me away if I go use the bathroom at night… I don’t know the truth of things anymore.


Here’s another quick scribble of my paper cut feelings. So, yeah, till tomorrowish!

Laboring on Labor Day

Packing boxes, stuffing pillows…. kill me please.

I was in a rush to draw something up today, and get it posted; so, apologies on the quality. I also only had a handful of colors to play with.

Anyways, HAPPY LABOR DAY to all you folks out there getting to celebrate the day by camping, and spending time with loved ones and generally just taking the day off. I’m celebrating by working apparently…  but I know I’m not alone, I’m surrounded by boxes and pillows and plenty of things to do.


Till tomorrow… dun dun duuuuuuuun!