So ho ho ho….

I’m back, who knew it’d be quite so soon, certainly not I. Yesterday I was home and I didn’t have much to do; well I did, but I didn’t want to do it; so, I got my new wacom tablet out (Okay, it’s not new, I just haven’t really used it because it’s small and sorta frustrates me a bit) and decided I really need to master the shit out of it, because, you know, practice makes perfect. And this, dear friends, is the aftermath of my endeavors. Obviously we have a ways to go before master status is achieved.

happy christmas-01

Sadly, making these christmassy card things has not relieved me of my grinchiness, but I think there might be hope for me yet this year.

I know this is a rather crude execution of design, but, you know, one step closer to making my inferior wacom tablet my bitch. I should have been using the damn thing long ago, but YOLO. Maybe you’ll find some enjoyment from this childlike rendering of christmas ornament puke.

Tootle Pip till next time.


Holy Wow!! It’s September!

It’s been far too long since I posted…

My excuse? I’ve been working too much and have been too worn down to do anything other than sit on the couch and accidentally fall asleep for far too long. Creativity has been a fleeting dream these last couple weeks, but today I finally sat down at the computer and made something, it’s not much, it’s not grand, but it’s something. I made a calendar background for the old computer, nothing too exciting, and nothing like I planned, because as I said, I’m just worn down. Also, it’s only like a week late, who knew months could pass so quickly. Hopefully next month I’ll come up with something amazing for a calendar, until that time, here is something that’s, you know, something.




I quite enjoy mixing up my background from month to month, and especially if they include a calendar. It makes my life just that much simpler, and I need that somedays, well, most days.

So, I shall also include a handy dandy cell phone background too, incase something about this strikes your fancy.