Black cat on a pumpkin.

After yesterday’s awfulness of art… I think today’s is much much better, still some things I wish I’d thought through better before I put the ink to paper, but, meh, it’s all good.

I just used an old 0/5 brush that was splitting 😔, ‘‘twas sad but I made do, and Dr Ph Martin’s Black Star ink in matte. Oh and a Sakura gelly roll pen in white.

Evil eye inktober

So today’s inktober is a bit oddish. Earth, Wind, Air, Fire and Soul with the evil eye. I dug up my Gansai Tambi Starry Color watercolor pallet and added some red gold to the piece. The rest was done with raw umber, phthalo blue Daniel Smith watercolors and a black brush pen (it’s a Japanese one, no idea of the companies name though).

So, yeah, it’s a bit odd, but, I had fun making it.

Yesterday and today’s inktobers…

I spaced out on posting yesterday’s inktober on here… I was the closing shift at work and just felt rushed and unmotivated for inktober once I got home, so, it’s a bit uninspired and lazy, but I drew something.

As for today… well, I just didn’t know what to draw, and this is what came out… it too feels a bit lazy…

Harry Potter week

Well, yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday, and also the end of Taryn Draws Potter week prompt 7 day drawing challenge. So, I thought I'd come on here and share all the drawings for the week. Some of them were rush jobs, some could have done with a background, but, over all I'm mostly happy with them. So, without further ado…
Day 1: best friends Day 2: "Must be a Weasley"Day 3: House Colors

Day 4: Misunderstood

Day 5: Flora & Fauna

Day 6: Parental figure

Day 7: "Yer a wizard, Harry"

Inktober Day 2

Day 2: Ron Weasley


Sumi ink, Zebra brush pen, Copic Markers and a white gel pen… day two complete, on to day three.

Inktober Day 1

Day 1: Harry Potter


I used Sumi ink, a zebra brush pen and Copic markers. Might have gotten a bit carried away with the Sumi ink… but tomorrow is another day to practice.