3 different ink drawings I did today…

Not feeling inktober today, slim pickings on ideas today. So I’m sharing three ink drawings I’ve done today. There’s a chalk ink thing I did at work…. sorry for shamelessly promoting a Starbucks drink, the idea isn’t original, but, I did draw it, so, that’s something (by the way, the drink tastes like death, and not in a good way, in my opinion anyways, try it if you must? an ink ink drawing of witches around a caldron and then a pen ink drawing of just a caldron…

Yesterday and today’s inktobers…

I spaced out on posting yesterday’s inktober on here… I was the closing shift at work and just felt rushed and unmotivated for inktober once I got home, so, it’s a bit uninspired and lazy, but I drew something.

As for today… well, I just didn’t know what to draw, and this is what came out… it too feels a bit lazy…

25 days of drawings day one

Decided to draw something everyday holiday themed up till Christmas. Day one is Red Cup. So here’s the return of Barista Bandit… 

Used watercolor and pen. Barista Bandit will return… here’s the original Barista Bandit 

a coffee run in the rain

I got lot’s to do today. Day job work sentence, babysitting puppies time, and cleaning house duties; you know… lots and lots of fun (ugh). Now, don’t get me wrong… puppy sitting is mostly fun, but still lots of shit. So, I thought if I was ever going to post something today and not three years hence; I best be doing it now.

Day 2. September 2nd 2016:

So, I made a coffee run this morning, cause, duh, coffee and mornings go best together. And it’s a rainy type of day, fall has certainly arrived early this year up in the Colorado Rockies. But, to the point… I drew what I might have looked like to the raindrops falling on my head as I bustled down the rain strewn brick streets of a somewhat bustling city with a coffee cup clutched in my hand.

coffee in the rain

It was a good exercise in perspective anyways, plus, I totally used the new Copic colors I got! New art supplies are just such a squeeeeeeeee good feeling thing.

Dare I say: “See you tomorrow!” EEEEK!!!!  I might just make a habit of this.

3 Marker Challenge

So, I decided to do that thing I’ve seen lots of on the old YouTube… The THREE MARKER CHALLENGE!

I promise that I drew the picture first, and the markers I picked were thrown into a bag and chosen with my eyes closed. If you can’t believe that, then, okay, but it’s the truth. The picture I drew is not complex, but I thought it’d be good with whatever I might pick as colors, plus I LOVE coffee and drawing coffee cups, so this was a win win for me. Bit cheaty I suppose since it is such a simple piece, but there’s nothing wrong with simplicity.


Let’s all be honest, I totally lucked out with the colors, what a BEAUTIFUL color scheme! They are all pretty and they all work together and YAAASSSSSS! The colors I chose are…


I’m now going to want to use these three colors in everything!  I also want to do more random color choosing, I love the idea of discovering some more (hopefully) beautiful color combos.


But first, coffee

Happy belated Mother’s Day to the mother’s out there, hope you celebrated with nice time spent with your moms and such. My mom was actually in town, so I was able to spend it with her. A mother of a Migraine was in town too, sadly, and so my head was not supporting me in a joyous day. I had a post planned to get up but I couldn’t quite manage to function well enough to get it done and post it… sad day.

But, as for this Monday, howdy hey world. It hasn’t been bad, but all I really want is coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

My heads still a bit blah, so nothing exciting today, just some coffee cups…


I used the stuff in my May Sketchbox… woo hoo.