Future is in the leaves

Today’s inktober features a tea cup and tea leaves… cause witches…

I had fun making this one. Used some Copic markers, a Sakura gelly roll in white and a blue pen by Muji.

Inktober 2017

Hello! Okay, so, not going to talk a lot (or I’ll try) but this year for inktober I’m not going off prompts and just drawing what comes to mind… with the exception each drawing has something to do with witches… so these first 4 drawings are done with copic markers and ink fine liners or an ink brush pen…

Day one: a sassy witch in long johns

Day two: a rush job I’m not overly proud of, but, I completed it for the day… just a witch and her cat pal.

Day 3: Witches’ brew, I enjoyed drawing this one so much, the majority of the remaining pieces are probably going to be similar.

this particular brew consists of the feathers of a crow, frog legs, mushrooms, bay leaves, dandelion fluff, dead mans toe x2, orange rounds, cinnamon bark, lemon balm, one eye from a blonde, one eye from a brunette, one eye from a raven haired beauty, one eye from one kissed by fire, a few spiders, and some spit. Mmmmmmmm

Day 4: some witches’ essentials…

I’ll start posting these daily on here as well as on Instagram… so, thanks for looking 🙂

Exterior kick

I’m on an exterior drawing kick… or, I suppose you could call it an urban sketching kick, but, I don’t know… I didn’t really go out and find houses to draw, I went on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest. 

Anyways, I decided to work with a limited pallet and used my warm grey copics, as well as my Copics in slate, brick white and brick beige. The rest of the colors are some new Kurecolor markers I just got, which I’m really liking… not refillable and as nice to hold in the hand as a Copic, but pretty damn nice. Dull Blue, Mustard and Blood Red are my favorite colors to use right now. 

Well, without further ado, here’s three exteriors I done did draw, bet there will be more to come. 

Bloody Mary

So, got some drink coasters, Rifle Paper Co Royal cocktail coasters to be exact and one is Bloody Mary… so I wanted to draw her. So, opened the sketchbook again and here it is… 

The Copic Cast:                                          E000, E93, R17, RV10, B37, Bv29, BG57 and Y28 

Used the Pilot G-Tec-C4 to line.