Bloody Mary

So, got some drink coasters, Rifle Paper Co Royal cocktail coasters to be exact and one is Bloody Mary… so I wanted to draw her. So, opened the sketchbook again and here it is… 

The Copic Cast:                                          E000, E93, R17, RV10, B37, Bv29, BG57 and Y28 

Used the Pilot G-Tec-C4 to line. 

Gnomáste day 1

So I had this idea a long time ago, gnomes doing yoga… aka Gnomáste. Now I’m finally getting around to drawing more of them and I’m going to post 25 illustrations of a gnome in a yoga pose. Originally I thought it’d be super cute if it was a yoga clothing and accessory line… still do, so maybe one day. But here’s Day One: Downward Dog…

Gnome’s use their hats to assist in their poses and also do yoga as a way to catch a few sneaky zzzs.