Harry Potter week

Well, yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday, and also the end of Taryn Draws Potter week prompt 7 day drawing challenge. So, I thought I'd come on here and share all the drawings for the week. Some of them were rush jobs, some could have done with a background, but, over all I'm mostly happy with them. So, without further ado…
Day 1: best friends Day 2: "Must be a Weasley"Day 3: House Colors

Day 4: Misunderstood

Day 5: Flora & Fauna

Day 6: Parental figure

Day 7: "Yer a wizard, Harry"

Inktober Day 31

Day 31: Halowe’en for Harry

It didn’t turn out as I had wanted, time constraints and all, but I did it! I did all the days and on time and yay me. Happy Halloween everyone, thanks for sticking around and taking a look! 

Inktober Day 26

Day 26: Fluer Delacour 

Ha, I just realized I gave her two left feet. She’s a Witch so she can do magic to fix that. I’d use my magic to fix it, but, you know, wizarding laws on using magic in front of muggles and all.