Holy Wow!! It’s September!

It’s been far too long since I posted…

My excuse? I’ve been working too much and have been too worn down to do anything other than sit on the couch and accidentally fall asleep for far too long. Creativity has been a fleeting dream these last couple weeks, but today I finally sat down at the computer and made something, it’s not much, it’s not grand, but it’s something. I made a calendar background for the old computer, nothing too exciting, and nothing like I planned, because as I said, I’m just worn down. Also, it’s only like a week late, who knew months could pass so quickly. Hopefully next month I’ll come up with something amazing for a calendar, until that time, here is something that’s, you know, something.




I quite enjoy mixing up my background from month to month, and especially if they include a calendar. It makes my life just that much simpler, and I need that somedays, well, most days.

So, I shall also include a handy dandy cell phone background too, incase something about this strikes your fancy.