This Succs…

Ha! I was trying to make a punny, but it’s pretty crap. This doesn’t suck, well at least I don’t think it does… I actually rather like them, and certainly enjoyed illustrating them.


I’m a bit obsessed with succulents and cacti and crystals lately, but I mean, who isn’t? It’s like super trendy at the moment, and of all the trends out there, I like this one, and am hopping right on it’s band wagon.


I might have to make like 7 million more of these little illustrations cause I enjoyed it immensely. I used watercolor and a colored pencil to sketch and outline, oh, and a white gel pen…


Lady of Spring

Did a little drawing the other night whilst watching Outlander on Starz. I was inspired by the costume design, and the thought of spring. It was snowing and blustery out, so, not exactly spring here in the Rockies, but it’s coming and a girl can dream.

This one is a bit sketchy and certainly not refined, but that’s probably a bit of how my style just is. I used Winsor & Newton Brushmarkers and inked with a Pilot fine liner. I really like the Pilot fine liner, A LOT!


I liked how it turned out, I enjoyed the process of making it; but I thought this morning, maybe I’d try doing it a different way…

So, I drew it up again and used my Daniel Smith Watercolors, and Winsor & Newton ink in Brick red. At first I started lining with a fine paintbrush, but I was making too thick of lines and just riding the struggle bus. So I hopped off and switched to a dip pen using a G nib and it all went much smoother. The end result is a mix of line weights that was unintentional, but, I just go with the flow and imperfections that happen in all things I do. It’s not as clean as I had envisioned it, but, I still like how it turned out. Just another reminder that I need to practice on a few things, and that’s to be expected.

But, without further ado… here’s the remixed version of The Lady of Spring.


What have you been up to on your Sunday? I have been working on this and dreaming of spring mostly. I’m going to go make myself a spot of tea and sit on the couch and stare at the idiot box now, see if something good is on. I’ll be back tomorrow with That Monday Feeling.

Hello… it’s been sooooo long.

Hello all!

I have taken far too long to get back on here and say hello, so here’s a long rambly one for you.

So, what you can expect to see here…. I’m going to be showing a lot more traditional art and illustration, maybe even some urban sketches! Also, perhaps, some stationary and planner stuff (washi and stickers anyone? I LOVE THEM). I’ve been geeking out on a few things and experimenting and I feel like sharing my journey. I am making myself a schedule and going to keep up with it. I’ve come up with topics, many a plot and plan! It’s only going to get better, there’s going to be content!

Now, on to other things:

This is a doodle in my sketchbook, something I remind myself of everyday:

watercolor and ink

(watercolor and ink)

Sometimes things happen and I feel like I don’t know what to do or how to begin again, I get stuck and I let worry and anxiety get the best of me. I’ve been hanging out in this place for awhile now, and it took me some time to realize that I need to grow where I’m planted (pretty sure it’s suppose to be bloom, not grow… maybe?).

I can grow anywhere if I just stop standing in my own way. So here I am, stepping aside and I’m going to share some things with ya’ll and maybe this blog will grow too.


Till next time! Which will be soon… Promise!


A Love Carving

Well, hello again so soon. This evening I was tinkering around with the old adobe illustrator, messing around doodling like I do;  and I decided I wanted to create a Valentines Day card for my grandparents, because they’re adorable and old and I just adore them.  I figured, I had two choices, I could go out and buy a card, or make one myself, and why wouldn’t I just make one myself, I could do that, you can do that, we all can do that! So, I’m sharing with you my card design for the old folks I love. It’s nothing fancy but it’s from the heart, and that’s what matters. Also, I kind of like it a bit.


Happy New Year, and Books!

I’ve been quite productive thus far in 2015, which surprised the hell out of me. I guess when you need to take your mind off things, being able to just focus on an art project is one of the best things you can do; and because I was sick to death of thinking so much and mulling things over, I decided to get my art on. I found some inspiration from the book, My Ideal Bookshelf by Jane Mount (it’s right up my alley and I love it and she’s brilliant!). It’s a lovely book with art work of the spines of books found on people’s bookshelves (that’s a mouthful) and I thought, I have lots of books, I love books, I could do this and put my own style to it! Plus I could get some practice in Adobe Illustrator and just get lost in books, fonts, and color, a win win all around. So, here they are, I did quite a few and I must say, I want to do more, it’s quite addictive fun. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This year I’m going to draw, paint, imagine, design, learn, teach and share it all with whomever will look and listen. Hope the new year finds you happy and prosperous!     I’ve created a wee gallery for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!